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What drives us

We focus on innovation. But it’s our mission and vision that have always paved the way.

At Q-Portal we shape the future of the nuclear power plant dismantling industry. With our innovative solution, we digitalize the processes of disposal and tracking of radioactive waste. Our goal is to provide a secure, efficient, and sustainable solution that supports the dismantling of nuclear power plants.

Our vision is to drive the global energy transition by actively addressing the challenges related to nuclear power plant dismantling and the disposal of nuclear waste. By leveraging cutting- edge technologies and innovative approaches, we offer our customers a software solution that ensures transparency, safety, and compliance.

We strive to achieve the highest standards of quality and safety. Our team of experts works closely with the nuclear community to optimize existing processes and tailor them to the needs of our customers. Our commitment to a sustainable future goes beyond the development of the Q-Portal software. We actively engage in environmentally friendly practices and continuously work to improve our solutions to have a positive impact on society and the environment. With Q-Portal, we set new standards for nuclear power plant dismantling. Together with our customers, we aim to create a clean, safe, and responsible solution for handling radioactive waste disposal, making a significant contribution to the energy transition.

“Our goal is to set the highest standards for quality, safety, and sustainability in handling radioactive waste through
Q-Portal and our dedicated community of experts, making a significant contribution to the energy transition.”

Prof. Dr. Ing. Manfred Esser | Chairman of the Executive Board

Q-Portal – a Joint Venture empowering Nuclear Waste Management Excellence

Q-Portal is a joint venture of GET Information Technology and RWE Nuclear, in which the companies have combined their engineering and software expertise:

RWE is dedicated to ensuring a reliable energy supply. With extensive experience in building, operating, and dismantling nuclear power plants, RWE possesses unparalleled expertise. Familiar with the unique issues and challenges at each stage of the nuclear energy life cycle, safety for people and the environment remains the highest priority.

GET IT specializes in the engineering of software solutions for process digitalization. With extensive competencies and experience in process design and software architectural design, GET IT offers a bundled know-how. The approach considers major project management as well as the interplay between process organization, digitalization, and organizational change, ensuring an integrative and holistic view.


RWE Nuclear GmbH

Energy giant with years of experience in planning, operation and dismantling of nuclear power plants

Leading german engineering know-how and Best Practices

Q-Portal GMBH – Joint venture

Bundling of competencies & expertise

Focus on safe & efficient dismantling

Process design and digitalization of nuclear waste logistic processes

Get Information technology gmbh

Design of enterprise IT architecture and development of large scale software systems

Leading german process design and project execution know-how

We are Q-Portal

Q-Portal was established in 2020 by GET Information Technology and RWE Nuclear.

We agreed that the nuclear industry was struggling with challenges such as cost and time overruns, poor quality in projects and complex radioactive waste management. Our goal was to finally change the old pen-and-paper methods and design modern, user- friendly, and most importantly, digital technologies for the nuclear sector. By sharing expertise and a common goal to create a safe, efficient, and sustainable solution, Q- Portal was born.

The starting point for Q-Portal’s success was a groundbreaking digitization project at BGE – the federal company for radioactive waste disposal, that enabled the complete, digital handling of the E2E radioactive waste process. This project was the starting point for the development of a new standard that improved the processes of radioactive waste disposal and tracking.

We are proud to take a leading role in the digital transformation of the german nuclear industry and to establish an authoritative standard to address the industry’s challenges related to nuclear power plant dismantling and nuclear waste logistics.