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The 3 Pillars of Our Service Offering: Stability for Your Success


Transformation & Change Support

Based on our experience and methodological expertise in accompanying change & transformation processes, we support you in implementing your change initiative. However, it is important to remember that fundamental change is always a tour de force. Change is therefore not “off the shelf” for us. Through a step-by-step, systemic developed approach – individually adapted to your company, in which your employees themselves actively contribute to the change, the change is not forced, but contributes to the successful development of your company. Our approach aims to establish resilient structures and processes while instilling a mindset of continuous development.

We work across all industries on large-scale, cross-functional transformations, covering a wide range of topics, including Digital transformation, Organizational effectiveness, and Cost reduction.


Process Consulting & Digitization

One of our core competencies is to support you in analysing and identifying weaknesses. We support you in questions of process design, digitization & continuous optimization as well as organizational development.

Together we optimize your processes and empower your employees. We pave the way for your organization into a lived process and lean culture.

With our expertise, we anchor established standards, ensuring sustainable and efficient operations. Let us help you elevate your business to new heights through our strategic process optimization, comprehensive consulting, and cutting-edge digitalization services.


Software Engineering & Enterprise Platform

We know how valuable time is. That’s why our solutions are built on best practices. We rely on proven methods and standards to ensure an effective & efficient approach and a smooth project. 

Software engineering is our passion. We view software as a tool that needs to be seamlessly integrated into your organizational processes and structures. Our understanding of the interrelationships between technology and organization enables us to provide customized solutions tailored to your specific requirements that leverage the full potential of your business.

Our systematic product development is the result of careful planning and execution. We bring structure to the development process to ensure that each project is completed efficiently and on target.

Together we will achieve your goals efficiently!

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Our latest Projects

Our customers achieve lasting change in capabilities and performance. As technology leader, we help unlock growth potential, innovate, and build capabilities across the enterprise beyond financial and operational improvements. Here’s what that looks like.

Federal Agency for Radioactive Waste Disposal (BGE)

Digital platform for E2E process planning and control

Nuclear Power Plant Operator

Acceptance-oriented Digital Transformation

Leading Industrial Service Provider

Management of business transformation

Our Range of Products

Dismantling of nuclear power plants & digitalization of nuclear waste disposal processes – coordination between waste producers, authorities and inspection organizations.

Capital project execution & quality assurance covering asset lifecycle from planning stage to monitoring of recurring inspections and maintenance.

Assure test, inspection/audit &certification (TIC) results for construction projects and supply chain transparency.