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Decommissioning & Dismantling processes

Q-Portal Nuclear

Full Compliance with Industry Standards and Policies

Increase Transparency

By utilizing digitalization and control in your waste disposal processes, you can enable precise tracking, efficient asset management, and accurate waste forecasting. This ensures informed decisions and promotes safer, more sustainable practices.

Improve Efficiency

By incorporating long-term planning, establishing a reliable data hub, ensuring fast communication, embracing a paperless future, and implementing a scalable architecture, you can effectively track resources, manage costs, and collaborate efficiently.

Ensure Process Safety

By leveraging industry insights and best practices, you can achieve improved processes, reduce failure rates, and enhance safety standards.

We cover the complete Lifecycle of Radioactive Waste Treatment and Conditioning

Efficient process planning and integration for seamless nuclear waste logistics

Prepare the procedure manual. Plan disposal measures and campaigns. Model and edit process plans, checklists, and protocols in the system and seamlessly integrate them into your workflow.

  • Procedure manual: Create a digital procedure manual that contains all the necessary information, instructions, and regulations for nuclear waste management. The manual can be easily updated and shared with other team members.
  • Document management: A central repository for all relevant documents, drawings and information needed during the project to facilitate access and collaboration.
  • Reporting and analysis: The software provides reporting capabilities to track progress, analyze performance indicators, and identify bottlenecks or opportunities for improvement.
  • Resource management: Users are able to efficiently manage and allocate the resources they need, such as personnel, equipment, and materials.

Mobile-optimized workflows for enhanced on-site activities

Support on-site activities with our mobile app. Keep track of tasks and checklists, fill out protocols and create photo documentation. All documentation is consistently available in the web system.

  • Mobile App: User-friendly mobile app that allows users to access and edit their workflows and documentation from anywhere.
  • Mobile data collection: Complete data, check off inspection checklists or create handover reports on the spot and share them from your mobile device.
  • Photo documentation: Creation of photo documentation. The photo/video view allows you to search, add titles and descriptions as well as delete files. For photos image editing is available. Draw shapes on the image to highlight certain areas.
  • Offline access: Offline functionality so that users can perform their tasks and carry out documentation – even in areas without internet connection. The data is automatically synchronized when a connection is established at a later time.

Transparent waste documentation and effective report generation

Optimize your activities with our workflows. Receive a summary of the relevant waste documentation. Generate reports, organize, and document meetings.

  • Workflow management: Streamline your waste management processes by creating custom workflows and defining steps for waste disposal and documentation.
  • Audit trail: Log all changes to waste documents to ensure traceability and transparency of data.
  • Waste recording: Keep transparent records of all waste streams and activities, including quantity, type, and disposal methods.
  • Transparent tasks: Instantly view completed or overdue activities via real-time status updates.
  • Meetings and protocols: Prepare and conduct more effective meetings, record decisions, and derive todos and deadlines. Provide reminders and links to relevant reports or documentation.

Seamless coordination and handover for holistic end to end waste disposal

Effortlessly hand over waste packages and related documentation to the Regulatory Authorities. Conduct a final review and coordinate further actions based on the holistic documentation.

  • Handover process: Seamless handover of waste streams and associated documentation to the appropriate regulatory authorities. This includes the ability to approve and release documents.
  • Review process: A built-in review function that allows users to review complete documentation and ensure that all relevant information is present and correct before handover takes place.
  • Data export and reporting: Export relevant data and documentation into reports for use in the handover process or for internal analysis and reporting.
  • Security and privacy: Security measures to ensure protection of sensitive data and compliance with data protection regulations, especially when handed over to external authorities.

Try Q-Portal Nuclear for your Waste Management

This is how you benefit from Q-Portal Nuclear

Efficient and transparent waste management

Benefit from a powerful software that enables transparent recording and management of all waste streams, including photo and documentation functions.

Workflow optimization

Q-Portal offers mobile-optimized workflows that enable seamless execution of on-site activities and ensure efficient coordination of tasks and checklists.

Holistic documentation

Users can store and link all relevant information and logs in a central system to create holistic and clear waste management documentation.

Smooth handover to regulators

Q-Portal facilitates the process of handing over waste streams and associated documentation to regulatory authorities, including permits and approvals.

Time savings and efficiency

Automated reporting, built-in analytics, and mobile app capabilities enable users to save time and make processes more efficient.

Security and privacy

Q-Portal ensures the security of sensitive data and compliance with data protection regulations to ensure responsible handling of waste management data.