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case study

Nuclear Power Plant Operator

Acceptance-oriented Digital Transformation

The Challenge

The nuclear power industry faces significant challenges in the decommissioning of power plants and the disposal of nuclear waste. To address these challenges effectively, our customer, a leading nuclear energy company, sought to undertake a digital transformation to streamline and optimize their processes. They aimed to enhance safety, efficiency, and innovation during the dismantling process while adhering to strict IT strategy and security requirements. They needed a comprehensive solution that could improve intersections and processes in repository, supervisory, and interim storage procedures, as well as ensure timely quality assurance throughout all phases of the dismantling procedures.

Key Benefits and Results after implementing Q-Portal

The implementation of Q-Portal brought substantial efficiency improvements to the highly complex process of product controlling. With the centralized digital platform, all stakeholders involved can access real-time information and collaborate seamlessly. This streamlined approach significantly reduced the time and effort required for decision-making and execution.

1. Optimization of Intersections & Processes

The Q-Portal Nuclear platform provided tools to optimize intersections and processes within the repository, supervisory, and interim storage procedures. By streamlining these processes, the customer reduced redundancies, improved coordination, and minimized the risk of errors or delays.

2. Comprehensive Document Management

The Q-Portal Nuclear platform facilitated the targeted recording of all relevant documents throughout the entire dismantling process flow. This ensured proper documentation and traceability of activities, enhancing transparency and accountability during the decommissioning process.

3. Just-in-Time Quality Assurance

The platform enabled „just-in-time“ quality assurance at all phases of the procedures. This real-time quality monitoring ensured that any deviations or issues were promptly identified and addressed, leading to higher overall process efficiency and safety.

4. Collaboration Between HQ and NPP Sites

From the project’s outset, the power plant sites and headquarters collaborated seamlessly through the Q-Portal Nuclear platform. This unified approach fostered effective communication, knowledge sharing, and a standardized approach to digitalization, ensuring alignment and efficiency across the NPP fleet.

5. Process Conformity and Compliance

The Q-Portal Nuclear platform provided robust safeguards and proofs of process conformity, meeting stringent regulatory requirements. This feature helped the customer maintain compliance with industry standards and regulations throughout the decommissioning process.


The acceptance-oriented digital transformation through the Q-Portal Nuclear platform proved to be a game-changer for our customer in their decommissioning efforts. By embracing digital process support, the customer achieved enhanced safety, efficiency, and innovation throughout the dismantling of nuclear power plants. The platform’s ability to optimize intersections and processes, comprehensive document management, just-in-time quality assurance, and collaborative fleet approach were instrumental in the success of the project. The customer now stands as a leading example of how a unified tool for NPP fleet approach can revolutionize the decommissioning process and contribute to the safe and sustainable disposal of nuclear waste.